What is IT Auditing – Basics of IS Audit

Auditing is a term that has origin based on financial reporting. It basically means the systemic application of methods and tools to express opinion on the correctness, completeness of financial reporting,  documents and accounts of an organization that how far these are presented fairly.

What is IT Auditing

IT auditing or IS auditing was initially EDP auditing and the need for IS audit arose because of the use of information systems as a critical tool for the organization in business functions.

Since critical information, that could potentially have material effect on the opinion being expressed by auditors, started to be processed and stored on information system, therefore, the need for IT Auditing emerged.

Basically to gain assurance that these information systems are also working as intended and the controls are in place in these systems and are working correctly to ensure that the information processed and stored in reliable.

IT auditing or information technology audit basically examines the internal control structure in an information systems set up.

Difference Between Financial Audit and IT Audit

While the financial auditing is more concerned with the evaluation that the accounts have been kept in line with the accounting standards, IS audit is all about controls in the information system.

Since IT systems mostly work in an automated environment, therefore, even a single control failure or absence may have far-reaching effects on the whole operations.

Who Can be a good IT Auditor

Most of the time an IT auditor will be dealing with some sort of information technology. Therefore, a good taste for computer systems will be very helpful if you want to pursue a career as an IT auditor.

Though, there is no basic qualification requirement to be an IT auditor, but still if you do not have a love for information technology, it will be a very hard career path for you.

IT Auditing Qualifications

No qualifications are required to perform an IT audit but you must understand that it is a highly technical job and most of the time you will be auditing mission critical information systems.

You are not likely to get a job if the company knows that you do not have a deep understanding of how information technology-based systems work.

You will be working on different types of audit. But most of your work will definitely involve evaluation of systems control, database review, information security reviews, data analytics and application review.

Sometimes your work will also be directed towards Cobit reviews where the organization has adopted Cobit, which is a framework for governance and management of IT function. Cobit is developed by ISACA.

Though financial auditors can also be good IT auditors, but in the heart of my heart I do know that having an information technology qualification really helps.

Apart from formal education, there is a popular information systems audit certification called CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) offered by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

You need a graduation degree to appear for CISA certification exam and then after meeting the five-year experience requirements you can become a CISA. And  CISA is one of the highest paid information systems certifications in the United States.

IT auditing salary is at par with the highest paid IT certifications. You can expect to be paid more than 100,000 dollars per year if you are really competent and know your work. Of course the actual CISA salary varies but you will be in good company.

You can be certain that IT auditing is a career for the future and a lot of IT auditing jobs are waiting for you if you develop this skill and get yourself certified.

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  1. Most of the people do not know the difference between IT audit and financial auditing, here in this blog you have well- explained the difference between IT auditing and financial auditing. Looking forward to more of such informative blogs that will help the readers to understand more about IT security services and so on.


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