Total Number of ISO 27001 Controls and Which Ones You Can Exclude


ISO 27001 is the dominant standard that helps organizations and companies protect their assets against the risk and vulnerabilities of cyber attacks and other IT security and privacy disruptions.  The standard provides a well-rounded model for setting up an information security management system with recommended ISO 27001 controls. How ISO 270012022 will benefit your organization: … Read more

Why Enterprise-Wide Information Security Architecture is Vital for Businesses


From a layman’s perspective, information security architecture (ISA) is one segment of an organization’s enterprise architecture with a laser focus on securing enterprise data and information systems hosting that data. What is information security architecture? A more technical definition is provided by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), which states that the “information security … Read more

Why Owasp Top 10 Is Important To Audit In Your Web Application

Software security is a challenge of enormous proportions because every critical function of our lives is now dependent on software. Insecure software not only causes inconvenience but, more importantly, can critically affect an organization. One of the foremost champions of  web software security is The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), which is also known … Read more

Ransomware, Its Types and How to Stay Safe and Remove if Infected

Recently the biggest information security problem for all the companies and law enforcement agencies is ransomware. Companies, small or big and random and even individuals like you and me are not targets of ransomware threats.  Ransomware has become the largest security threat. This is because most people don’t know how to deal with it and … Read more