What is CISA and Why Certify Yourself?

Information systems auditing is a promising career and still there is a huge demand for capable auditors of information systems. A non profit organization called Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) is leading in the field of developing standards, guidelines, frameworks and other related knowledge base in the field of IT auditing.

ISACA administers certification in this field and this is called Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). This is the undisputed leading certification for those looking to certify their skills, competence and knowledge in the field of IS Auditing, IT control and security of information systems since 1978.

Why Earn CISA

  • It confirms your knowledge in the field of IT Auditing
  • It is a quantification of your expertise
  • Globally recognized as a standard for IS auditing professionals
  • Increases your value to your company
  • You get a competitive advantage over your peers

How you can become a CISA

CISA certification is two part. First you need to clear one exam that comprises of the following domains along with the weightage in the exam:

  • IS Auditing Process (21%)
  • IT Governance and Management (16%)
  • Information Systems acquisition, development and implementation (18%)
  • Information Systems operations, maintenance and service management (20%)
  • Protection of Information Assets (25%)

One you qualify the exam with a scaled score of 420, you then need to meet the experience requirements of five years (there are exemptions). The experience can be also of work related to before the exam. Only then you can be declared CISA certified. After getting certified you also need to meet continued professional education (CPE) requirements to maintain your CISA certification.

What are the job prospects?

After getting CISA certification, you are surely going to a see a raise in your profile. You will be noticed in your company and in all likelihood will get a pay raise. In addition to that CISA opens many job opportunities. The salary range is between $50,00 to $140,000. It is one of the most in demand certification by the employers. And because of the huge potential, it is high time you invest your time in acquiring CISA certification because of the following three key benefits ( i am speaking from my personal experience).

  • It increases your earning potential – significantly
  • It does count in the hiring process. You stand a significantly higher chance of getting a good job.
  • You increase your credibility and recognition.

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