Best Data Analytics Tools for IS Auditors

Information systems auditors have been using computer assisted audit techniques for many decades now. Initially their tools were limited to spreadsheets and SQL on database. However, the need to data analytics has been growing over time and shift of audit focus has been away from sample to audit of whole population. This demand has led … Read more

What is CISA Certification Cost

CISA certification is one of the top paying IT certifications for many years in a row. But you need to invest a lot of effort and some money too before you get CISA certified. So what is the exam CISA certification cost. There is a little difference between CISA exam fee and CISA certification cost. … Read more

What is CISA Exam Cost in Total

CISA exam cost for you depends on two things. Will you also get ISACA membership while registering for the CISA Exam? Do you also include the training and CISA exam preparation material in too? If you plainly want what is CISA exam cost, then the current exam fee is different for ISACA members and non … Read more