CISA Certification: Everything You Need to Know to Be CISA Certified

Want to be counted among the top information systems auditor? CISA certification is your way to that achievement. It is one of the most recognized certification for IT and the only touchstone for IS auditing field. You might have the following questions in mind about this certification:

What is CISA certification?

CISA is a certification that is granted by a non-profit organization called Information Systems Audit and Control Association. It is the premium certification for IS audit. Read more about what it is all about and what CISA auditor’s job is like.

How do I become CISA certified?

You have to qualify an exam that consists of a single paper and meet the experience requirements mainly to get CISA certified.

What is ISACA CISA exam like?

It comprises 150 multiple choice computer-based questions. You have to get a minimum score of 450 on the exam to pass it. Read more.

How can you prepare?

The main resource for preparing for this certification exam is CISA Review Manual and CISA Questions & Answers Database, both published by ISACA.

Is the CISA Exam Difficult?

The exam itself will definitely test your concepts of auditing and information systems security. It is definitely not an easy exam. If you are used to appearing in IT certification exams using dumps, then you will definitely find this exam a lot more difficult than your routine exams. Your concepts of auditing and IS systems and their security will definitely be tested.

How much Does CISA certification cost?

The total fees will be about $740 (including ISACA membership fee, certification exam fee and certification processing fee excluding the study material and training expenses). Read my detailed post about CISA costs.

What are the experience requirements?

You need to have a minimum of 5 years experience but different experience waivers are also available.

How can you maintain CISA certification?

You have to pay a certification maintenance fee of $85 and also follow the CPE (continued professional education) policy of ISACA to maintain your CISA certification.

Which are the best CISA study guides?

ISACA study materials are the best study guides for preparing for CISA examination. Other guides are also available but material from ISACA itself is highly recommended. Read more about CISA study guides and different options.

What is the average CISA salary?

You can expect to earn high salaries with CISA certification. According to Forbes magazine, the average CISA salary isĀ $113320. Once you are designated as CISA certified information systems auditor, you will eventually notice a surge in your career path.

Can you get CISA jobs easily?

This is relative but you definitely are ahead of others when you present yourself with a CISA designation on your CV.

Which CISA training is recommended?

Different CISA trainings are available. You are encouraged to attend only a high-quality training like CBT nuggets. But CISA Review Manual is well written and you can self study and still pass the with flying colors. Official CISA certification training is also available at ISACA website. Read my detailed post about how to ace in first attempt.

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