What is CISA Certification Cost (Including Exam)

CISA certification is one of the top paying IT certifications for many years in a row. It is administered by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) which also offers other certifications like CISM and CRISC.

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But you need to invest a lot of effort and some money too before you get CISA certified. So, what is the CISA certification cost?

There is a little difference between CISA exam fee and CISA certification cost. While exam is only a part of CISA certification process, being certified auditor also means having the requisite 5 years experience and application for CISA certification.

CISA exam cost

CISA exam fee currently is $575, if you also buy ISACA membership which separately costs $135. If you do not get ISACA membership then CISA exam fee is $760 because then you be charged ISACA non-member exam fee.

Moreover, if you register by early deadline, then you get a $50 off on the CISA exam fee. When you get ISACA membership you also have to pay your local ISACA chapter dues which are nominal (about $20) in most cases.

Therefore, assuming that you appear in CISA exam with ISACA membership and  you register for exam before the early registration deadline, then your total CISA exam cost comes to around $689 (525+135+20).

CISA certification cost

You can apply for CISA certification only after you passed CISA exam with a minimum score of 450. You will download the CISA certification application, fill it, pay $50 CISA application processing fee and submit it to ISACA. So, your total CISA certification cost will be around $740 ($689 exam and ISACA membership fee + $50 CISA application processing fee). This is with the assumption that you will pass CISA exam in your first attempt.

And after that you will continue to adhere to CISA application CPE policy and Code of Ethics and pay a CISA certification maintenance fee of $85 every year to remain a CISA certified information systems auditor. ISACA membership is optional but because of all the resources it provides you might also want to continue with it.

Without the membership, CISA exam cost is at the minimum $740. This is without the cost you will incur on buying CISA study material.

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