What is CISA Salary – Will it Supercharge Your Career

If you are thinking of getting CISA certified, then it might be an excellent step for your career because CISA certification is ranked among the top 6 IT certifications by the Forbes magazine in its list of 15 top paying IT certifications.

CISA is ranked 6th out of these 15 high paying IT certifications. According to Forbes, the average CISA salary in the United States is $113,320.


Similarly, in the top 15 IT certifications list by GlobalKnowledge, CISA is also among the 6 top paying IT certifications for 2016. CISA is also featured in the top IT certifications list from PCMAG and theBalance. PCMAG puts the CISA certification at number 6 and theBalance lists as the top 5th most valuable IT certification in the tech industry.

The average CISA salary according to PCMAG is $112,931. And according to TheBalance, the average CISA certified professional annually earns $106,181.

What is interesting to note is that the CISA salary has been increasing over the years which indicates the rising and consistent demand in the market for this certification. You will always find that employers are offering CISA jobs.

Now we look at how much CISA professions earn from top job sites. According to PayScale.com, the minimum CISA salary with less than one year experience is $62838. And the maximum average salary in case of 20 years or more experience is $122,041.

According to PayScale, the highest salary was $141,007 in the New York state. The CISA auditors with the designation internal audit director were getting up to $166094.

The popular job site indeed.com lists the average CISA salary at $89,000 as of 5th November 2016. And CISA designation holders with the job title Director of Information Security were earning as much as $215,000.

So, this should get you motivated that all the hard work you will put in towards achieving your CISA designation will not go to waste. From my personal experience I can guarantee that CISA will definitely deliver value to your career in one way or another.

And with increasing experience you will be earning a lot as a CISA certified professional working in diverse roles such as IT Audit Manager, IT Audit Supervisor, IT Audit Consultant, Information Security Manager, Internal Auditors etc.

When compared with CISM, you will earn almost similar but CISM salary is listed a little higher. But many factors determine the actual salary you will get as a CISA.

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