What is CISA Exam Cost in Total

CISA exam cost for you depends on two things.

  • Will you also get ISACA membership while registering for the CISA Exam?
  • Do you also include the training and CISA exam preparation material in too?

If you plainly want what is CISA exam cost, then the current exam fee is different for ISACA members and non members. In case of early registration, the CISA exam cost is $450 for ISACA members and $635 for ISACA non members. And before final deadline it is $500 and $685 for members and non-members respectively. If you do not register online but send your mail application, then additional $75 are charged as processing fee.

So it can be easily judged from it that you can save by registering early and by registering online. And you also save a lot if you also get ISACA membership before registering for the exam. ISACA membership costs $165 first time which also includes $30 first member processing fee. However, there are discounts available for recent graduates and students. In addition to this you also need to pay the local chapter dues which are different for different countries. For example local chapter dues are $5 for Macau and $140 for France.   Fore more details about ISACA membership fees and benefits visit ISACA website.

Coming back to the CISA Exam cost, you also need to consider that you will need to invest some money in the study material for CISA too. And the best resources to prepare for the CISA exam are produced by ISACA itself. At the minimum you should get latest CISA Review Manual and CISA Question and Answers Database. Both of this will collectively cost at least $205 collectively.

So from my point of view, if you self study and do not spend any money on CISA training, then you need to keep in mind the CISA Exam Cost of at least $825 which includes $170 ISACA membership fee, $450 CISA exam fee and $205 CISA study materials cost. But when you will qualify the CISA exam and get CISA certification, it will be all worth it. Guaranteed.

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  1. Hi,

    I am wondering which books to buy.

    I am definitely planning on buying the CISA Review Manual, 26th Edition.
    But in addition to that, which would be the best option?
    CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manual, 11th Edition

    CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Database – 12 Month Subscription (is this online or book?)

    Planning on sitting in August, the rates all have increased.


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