CISA Exam Questions – Where Can You Get These

When you are preparing for an exam, you naturally want to know about the types of question asked on the examination. So when you are scheduled to appear in CISA certification exam, it is essential that you know what kind of CISA exam questions you may encounter in the exam.

First of all let me make it clear that if you are looking for the exact CISA exam questions, then you are not likely to find these anywhere. CISA is a closed exam and the exam content is not revealed even after the exam. Neither the candidates are allowed to disclose the exam content.

So your best bet is to prepare with the CISA sample questions. ISACA itself provides a huge database of more than 1000 CISA practice questions for helping you prepare for the exam. Since these come from the certifying body itself, therefore, these are very good indicators of the CISA exam questions you will be asked on the exam. Surely, not even a single question comes from these published questions.

CISA exam is 150 exam question and you have to attempt these 150 questions in 4 hours. Going by my personal experience, I will highly recommend that you do get your hands at the the latest supplement to the practice CISA exam questions that ISACA publishes every year. You might expect to get about 10 to 15 questions similar to the ones in the latest supplement. And sometimes, this might be critical between passing and failing an exam.

It is almost mandatory for you to practice with CISA questions database because coupled with the CISA review manual, these are the best way to prepare for the exam. And these practice questions are similar to the ones asked in the exam. Perhaps most of the exam questions are of higher quality because these must have passed through a stricter quality control, I guess.

You might also see a few links here and there for CISA exam questions from different certification preparation websites. But do not fall for these. The best collection of CISA practice questions from ISACA itself. And it is the biggest collection too. So do buy the ISACA CISA questions database and CISA Review Manual for preparing for the exam. Other study guides and exam questions are highly unlikely to help you pass the exam, unless if you have very targeted and long experience in information security, audit and control.

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