Which CISA Training is Best For Passing The Exam

There are two ways to approach preparation for a certification exam. Either you prepare it yourself by self study or you join a training. Well it is possible to go either way with CISA certification exam too. If you would like self study, then read my tips about preparing for CISA exam.

And if you want to join a CISA training, then it has its benefits too. If you find a training program which is delivered by a competent person who himself or herself has appeared and passed the CISA exam, then it is all the worthwhile to to go for that training.

But the key thing is that the instructors must have passed the CISA exam itself. But as far as I know, it is quite difficult to find such CISA training. For example, there is currently only one CISA exam training on Udemy and the instructor is not CISA certified himself. Therefore, when you listen to the lectures, you immediately know that the person is a trainer but definitely has not tested the waters of CISA exam itself.

Another popular CISA training resource is CBT nuggets. I will rate this training better than the one on Udemy. Though there is quite useless fluff material in the slides in nuggets too and sometimes you get the feeling that the instructor is quite bored and not very related to the CISA exam himself. But what at least their training material and CISA nuggets are a summary of the CISA Review Manual chapters.

So if you are really short on time and do not have the time to read the CISA Review Manual yourself, which I would absolutely recommend that you find time for, then you can get a good idea about the contents of the CISA exam content.

There are also some apps on Android and iOS with questions and answers about CISA exam. But for that I would highly recommend that you practice with CISA questions database.

One thing you need to stay away from is any CISA training that promises dumps for the exam. CISA exam is not like other certification exams where you can rote learn the questions in dumps and then expect to pass. You will not get even a single question in the exam from any of the dumps.

Whatever training you choose for preparing for the CISA exam, do NOT forget to give two thorough readings to the CISA Review Manual and practice the questions database at least once, though I would recommend that you practice as long as you start scoring in high seventies on the practice exams.

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