CISA Jobs – Which Are the Best Places To Look For

When you are looking for CISA jobs, you are essentially in search of a job related to information systems auditing or information security. But mostly CISA jobs are in the field of IS auditing, though you may also try your luck with information security jobs.

Best Places for Find CISA Jobs

Some of the best places to look for CISA jobs are:

  1. Linked In: I will highly recommend that you build your LinkedIn profile to perfection. It is the best and perhaps the only worthwhile social network for professionals and recruiters. Once you fill in your CISA certification as part of your LinkedIn profile, you will start seeing the jobs posted on LinkedIn which are related to information systems auditing. Also do not forget to set your location to where you find the job because Linked will recommend CISA jobs based on your location. It is also important that you link with other auditors, especially those with CISA certification and working in information systems auditing roles because they will also update about any upcoming jobs related to CISA
  2. ISACA : Another place to start your search for jobs related to information systems auditing is ISACA website. Click here and you will be taken to all the IS auditing and security related jobs posted on ISACA website. You can search based on your country and location. ISACA website also gets data from other job sites. So there are always some jobs available on this website. A must visit resource if you are looking for CISA jobs in USA.
  3. Indeed: This is one of the biggest jobs website on internet. You can fill in your search criteria and it will list a lot of jobs for you. The best thing is that when you visit the website, it already knows your location based on your IP addresses and when you search it will list the jobs based on your location. Of course you can broaden the location or change it to whatever place for which you are interested in finding job. Indeed also is available in your own language.
  4. UN Jobs Portal: This is something which a lot of job seekers are not aware of. But United Nations has a very big audit function called IOS (Internal Oversight) and CISA certification qualifies you to apply for all auditing related jobs at the United Nations.
  5. Local job portals: In addition to the above top resources for finding CISA jobs, you should also follow the specific job portals for a region or country. In fact, that might be the most effective place to find a job. For example, if you are looking to find CISA job in India, then it is recommended that you also register on because it lists the most jobs in that region. Similarly, you may like to register at and, if you looking for CISA jobs in the middle east. It is also a wise idea to visit the jobs sections of the companies you are targeting for jobs.

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