What Are the CISA Certification Requirements

When you are looking to certify your skills as an information systems auditor with a CISA certification, you must be clear about CISA certification requirements because apart from knowing everything about the CISA exam itself, there are other requirements too which you need to meet before being granted the CISA Certification.

In fact there are also other things that you need to follow ever after getting CISA certified to keep your certification in good standing. So I am going to talk about all the CISA certification requirements in this article, both before and after the certification.

CISA Certification Requirements

  1. Passing the CISA exam with a minimum scaled score of 450
  2. Work experience requirements: at least 5 years of information systems auditing, control or information security experience as per the job practice areas of CISA. This experience must be within the preceding 10 years of passing the Exam or within 5 years after passing the CISA exam. The following waivers and substitutions for work experience are available (only a maximum of 3 years of experience can be substituted which means at least 2 years of work experience has to be in one of the job practice areas of CISA):
    1. one year of information systems experience for one year waiver
    2. 60 credit hours (2 years) university degree for one year waiver
    3. 120 credit hours (4 years) university degree for 2 years waiver
    4. One year experience substitution in case of masters degree from the ISACA accredited Masters program from the universities. The list of universities and programs can be found here.
    5. One year experience requirement waiver in case of Masters in Information Security or Information Technology from ISACA accredited universities
    6. Two years of full time teaching experience in accounting, auditing or information technology can be used to claim one year waiver.
    7. Two years waiver in case of ACCA or CIMA certification
  3. After passing the CISA exam and meeting the experience requirement you apply for CISA certification after paying the CISA Certification fee which is $50 at the moment.
  4. You need to comply with ISACA Code of Professional Ethics
  5. Comply with ISACA IS Auditing Standards

After CISA Certification Requirements

After getting the CISA certification, you need to still comply with the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics and IS Auditing Standards. In addition to that you need to comply with the CISA CPE (continuing professional education) requirements which is 20 CPE hours every year and in a three year cycle it should be 120 CPE hours at the minimum. And you also have to pay the CISA certification maintenance fee every year as well. The CISA certification maintenance fee is $45 for ISACA members and $85 for non-members.

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  1. HI CISA Team,

    I am concerning the CISA certificate requirements with work experience as currently I have experienced with information systems more than 3 years. Thus, is it fulfil the exam exam requirements?



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