How Different Types of Security Controls Can Help Protect Your Business


At the core of information security is protecting organizational assets, including hardware, software, data, information and people against risks.  Any policies and actions taken to help reduce, eliminate or mitigate these risks to assets are called security control.  In this article, we will discuss about types of security controls that exist. But before we talk … Read more

Why Access Control Policy is Important and What Should it Include


One of the core policies in an information security management system is the access control policy. It is also one of the critical domains of ISO 27001 controls. This policy aims to manage and minimize the potential exposure of an organization’s information and data from unauthorized access, which will optimize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability … Read more

Comprehensive Information Security Management System Introduction – Everything Covered


Technology empowers our lives and makes them easier, but it brings its own risks called cyber threats. Organizations institute an information security management system (ISMS) to protect themselves better from such malicious attacks and data exposure.  In this write up, we will be looking in detail at the definitions of an ISMS, its objectives, and … Read more

Why Enterprise-Wide Information Security Architecture is Vital for Businesses


From a layman’s perspective, information security architecture (ISA) is one segment of an organization’s enterprise architecture with a laser focus on securing enterprise data and information systems hosting that data. What is information security architecture? A more technical definition is provided by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), which states that the “information security … Read more

Why Do Businesses Need a Third Party Auditor?


Every business needs constant checks and balances to ensure things are happening according to the law. Previously, we talked in detail about internal controls and their impact on a company. It is indeed a helpful practice, but we need more. Perhaps an unbiased opinion from someone who isn’t a part of the company? Someone with … Read more

8 Top Forensic Accounting Firms of 2023 — What and Where Are They?


Financial fraud is an unwanted but possible and existing mishap. They can damage the reputation of an entity and put them under material loss. Do you wish to investigate some financial fraud thoroughly? Forensic procedures are a top-notch solution to that. Fortunately, plenty of forensic accounting firms are constantly growing and providing solutions. Forensic accountants … Read more