Auditing ISO 9001: Reasons and How to Do It

Professionals and entrepreneurs intending to setup for the long haul appreciate that remaining indefinitely viable means being unwavering in serving up quality to secure customer trust and create an outstanding reputation with all stakeholders in the ecosphere. To achieve this however, they won’t have to re-invent the wheel and adopt a method of trial and … Read more

What is HR Audit & Does it Boost the Bottom Line

An entity is made up of parts that combine to produce a synergically operative system whether it is to produce goods or service; for profit or non-profit. To make sure the corporation works like an efficient machine, each part must be well-oiled and work smoothly to support the whole effort. The Human Resource (HR) function … Read more

Auditing of Vouching – Why It is the Essence of Auditing

During conduct of an inspection by auditors, a major chunk of field work in validating management’s representations and collecting proofs takes the shape of corroborating and vouching. Without the auditing of vouching, no investigation is complete and therefore it is imperative to grasp the concept of vouchers and what it means to ‘vouch’ in audit. … Read more

7 Different Types of Audit for Greater Business Insight

According to textbook definition, audit is an independent examination of management-prepared financial information to ensure they give a accurate and fair picture. However, to encompass different types of auditing, a broader understanding would surmise audit as an investigation carried out to verify managements representations while engaging professional expertise to propose improvements where possible, financial or … Read more