Why Do Businesses Need a Third Party Auditor?


Every business needs constant checks and balances to ensure things are happening according to the law. Previously, we talked in detail about internal controls and their impact on a company. It is indeed a helpful practice, but we need more. Perhaps an unbiased opinion from someone who isn’t a part of the company? Someone with … Read more

8 Top Forensic Accounting Firms of 2023 — What and Where Are They?


Financial fraud is an unwanted but possible and existing mishap. They can damage the reputation of an entity and put them under material loss. Do you wish to investigate some financial fraud thoroughly? Forensic procedures are a top-notch solution to that. Fortunately, plenty of forensic accounting firms are constantly growing and providing solutions. Forensic accountants … Read more

Auditing vs Assurance: What Makes Them So Diverse? 


When evaluating the company’s financial record, we need professional practices to determine almost-accurate results. This detailed analysis is done to check a company’s financial performance and detect any errors from the history.  For finance enthusiasts, the term audit and assurance instantly comes to mind when we think about evaluation.  Most people rank audit and assurance … Read more

What is HR Audit & Does it Boost the Bottom Line

An entity is made up of parts that combine to produce a synergically operative system whether it is to produce goods or service; for profit or non-profit. To make sure the corporation works like an efficient machine, each part must be well-oiled and work smoothly to support the whole effort. The Human Resource (HR) function … Read more

Auditing of Vouching – Why It is the Essence of Auditing

During conduct of an inspection by auditors, a major chunk of field work in validating management’s representations and collecting proofs takes the shape of corroborating and vouching. Without the auditing of vouching, no investigation is complete and therefore it is imperative to grasp the concept of vouchers and what it means to ‘vouch’ in audit. … Read more

7 Different Types of Audit for Greater Business Insight

According to textbook definition, audit is an independent examination of management-prepared financial information to ensure they give a accurate and fair picture. However, to encompass different types of auditing, a broader understanding would surmise audit as an investigation carried out to verify managements representations while engaging professional expertise to propose improvements where possible, financial or … Read more