Importance of Latest CISA Review Manual for Exam Preparation

Earlier we discussed in detail about how to pass CISA exam in first attempt and one of the most important study resource is CISA Review Manual. Currently CISA Review Manual 26th Edition (2015) is available for purchase from ISACA store. It is a 468 page eBook which is digitally protected. It is priced at $105 for ISACA members and $135 for non-members.

You can plainly see that ISACA membership is not only useful as a knowledge resource but it also saves you money. So getting an ISACA membership before purchasing your products and registering for the CISA exam is highly recommended.

A lot of people try frantically to get their hands on a free download of CISA Review Manual, but ISACA gurards the privacy of its most esteemed product very carefully. It is not a digital rights protected product. I will not recommend that you try to download a free version of the CISA Review Manual because of the two reasons. First it is against copyrights law and the ISACA code of ethics. Simply speaking it is a criminal offence under the law. Why will you want to start your CISA exam preparation by committing something which is crime in the eyes of law. Secondly, it is also for your own safety that you buy it from ISACA store because the files you may download from unknown sources may not be same and you may harm your computer and end up paying even more than the price of CISA Review Manual 2016. I am personally aware of many websites that are distributing executable files by tricking the user into believing that the file is latest CISA Review Manual.

And more importantly, I also stress that you get your hands on the latest edition of exam preparation resources because sometimes about 15 to 20 questions may be related to the latest content. Why will you risk your CISA exam fee by going to the exam not fully prepared? It is highly unlikely that you will be able to download latest manual before the exam date. You will waste a lot of time searching torrents and download sites which you could otherwise use for exam preparation.

So it is highly recommended that you invest money in the latest exam database and the latest edition of CISA Review Manaul to give yourself the best chance of passing the CISA exam at first attempt.

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  1. I will like to get the latest CISA review manual for exam preparation.
    Do I need to register for the ISACA membership before I can purchase the material?

    I look forward to hear from you soon. Thanks!


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